About Melissa

Melissa Wakeling; Homeopath DIHom MARH, RHom,ThetaHealing® Practitioner

melissa-newI am passionate about Homeopathy and natural health care. Our bodies have an amazing, innate ability to heal and I believe wellness & well-being can be achieved through a holistic approach. Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective way to restore health. I speak from personal experience. As a young child my school years were blighted by recurring illness, visits to the GP and specialists with the inevitable repeated courses of antibiotics. In my early twenties a friend’s recommendation that I visit a homeopath finally restored my health within three months of my first visit. I have never looked back and with homeopathic support I used remedies throughout pregnancy, childbirth and recovery periods with great results. I continue to treat my whole family with homeopathy.

My home clinic room is my main ‘office’ – a relaxed space for adults and children. Youngsters feel at home and this means parents can relax too whilst I carefully build a picture of the illness and the patient. I provide ongoing support to all of my patients and am here to assist you on your journey back to health.


2007-2011 Diploma in Homeopathy, British Institute of Homeopathy
2010-2011 Homeopathy in Practice, Advanced Case Taking and Repertorization, British Institute of Homeopathy
2010-2011 Clinical Internship (150 hours) British Institute of Homeopathy
Oct 2012 CEASE Therapy, Lambourn, UK 4-day course
Apr 2014 EDT Muscle Response Testing and Complex Homeopathy, 4-day course, London
2012-2014 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, School of Alternative Training, Gloucestershire
June 2015 Dr Robin Murphy ND Seminar; Gemstones, Metals and Minerals. Centre for Homeopathic Education, (CHE) London
Feb-March 2016 – Robin Murphy ND; Homeopathy and Neurodegenerative Diseases. 14hr Webinar Course, CHE, London
Sept 2016 – Dr Robin Murphy ND; Homeopathy, Detox & Cancer. 2hr Webinar, CHE, London
Oct 2016-July 2017 – Post-Grad Diploma; Advanced Homeopathy, Regents University, London
April-May 2017, Dr Robin Murphy ND, Children’s Health, 8-hour webinar, CHE, London
March 2018, Dr Robin Murphy ND, Bioenergetic Remedies for Lymes Disease, 6-hour webinar, CHE, London
July 2018, Hilery Dorien, Treating Eczema with Homeopathy, 5-hour webinar, CHE, London
August 2018, Dr Robin Murphy ND, Homeopathy & Breast Cancer, 2-hour webinar, CHE, London
Sept 2018, Dr Robin Murphy ND, Bioenergetic Medicine & Oxygen Therapies, 2-hour webinar, CHE, London
Oct 2018, Dr Deborah Kerslake, Homeobotanicals Post Graduate Certification, 2-day course, London
Jan 2019, Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor, FHCi
May 2019 Hilery Dorien, The Endocrine System, Homeopathy & Hormones, 10-hour webinar, CHE, London                                                     
July 2019, Caroline Gaskin, Managing Menopause Naturally, 6-hour webinar, CHE, London

I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I regularly attend CPD courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in Homeopathy. In 2013 I attended seminars on Narayani Remedies and Complex Homeopathy and incorporate both Narayani and New Vistas remedies into my practice. In April 2014 I completed four days of training in Energy Diagnosis Therapy and use a simplified version of kinesiology with patients where appropriate. I am a fully qualified Homeobotanicals Practitioner. For more information on Homeobotanical Therapy visit www.homeoherbs.co.uk. For more information on the Homeoprophylaxis Programme please visit www.freeandhealthychildren.org

I co-run the Teddington branch of the ‘Arnica UK Parents’ Support Network’ which promotes natural healthcare. See www.arnica.org.uk for more details. We meet once a month. £2 donation to Arnica. Children welcome. See the ‘Latest News’ section on my Homepage for dates.

Please note that the views expressed on this website, and any advice given, are based on the owner’s training and experience. They are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, especially if you have been diagnosed with a specific health complaint.