In your child’s early years, whilst their immune system is developing, they may suffer from all kinds of illnesses such as croup, ear infections, conjunctivitis and eczema, not to mention the emotional trauma of growing up which can cause anxiety or behavioural problems.

I have worked with children with acute illnesses and those whose symptoms are as a result of stress. One such case involved eight-year-old B, who came to me for treatment for a skin condition called molloscum in November 2011.

After talking through all aspects of B’s health with her and her mother, it became clear that B had a high level of anxiety, especially when it came to bedtime. She would end up in her parents’ bed most nights. Needless to say this was taking its toll on the whole family. On B’s first follow up visit, it was great to hear that she was settling much easier at night and was no longer sleeping with her parents. B seemed more energetic and the molloscum had also stopped spreading. After another month’s treatment the molloscum began to clear.

The improvement in B’s health and emotional well-being was wonderful. As a mum of two, I can empathize and appreciate how difficult it can be bringing up young children. Consultations in my house provide a homely environment, where your children can relax and play and where you too can be supported. My focus is to provide the very best level of care and health to you and your family.

Please note that the views expressed on this website, and any advice given, are based on the owner’s training and experience. They are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, especially if you have been diagnosed with a specific health complaint.