Menopause is a natural life stage where a woman’s hormone production and balance change over time. Many women sail through symptom-free or experience only mild complaints, but for some the experience is debilitating.

The conventional approach is to control these symptoms with HRT drugs (hormone replacement therapy). However, it has been found that the benefits of HRT are outweighed by an increased risk of breast and uterine cancer, heart attack and stroke. * The MHRA now advise that when HRT is prescribed ‘the minimum effective dose should be used for the shortest duration’.

Homeopathy recognises that every woman’s experience of menopause is unique and remedies are carefully matched to the individual accordingly, working with the body to ease this transition. In a study carried out at an NHS Well Woman clinic in 2005*, 81% of 102 patients reported improvement in symptoms including hot flushes and sweats, tiredness, anxiety, mood swings, sleeping difficulties and headaches after homeopathic treatment.

*Writing Group for the Women’s Health Initiative Investigators. WHI randomised controlled trial JMA 2002

*NHS-led ‘Million Women Study’ 2005

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