“I first approached Melissa for help with my teenage daughter’s acne and verrucas. The acne cleared up very quickly and the verrucas – a problem for a decade – have all gone bar one! My other daughter is now being treated for her frequent urine infections and I am receiving support for the menopause. Melissa is an extremely sympathetic practitioner and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Whether you believe in the power of homeopathy or not, it is definitely worth a try – you may be surprised by the results!”
Rosie & Family, Twickenham

“I’m so grateful that a recommendation from a friend brought me to Melissa’s door. I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips and my left hand about 3 years ago and over that time the symptoms have been present to a greater or lesser extent but have never stopped me from carrying on with my day. However over the summer things took a turn for the worse. I experienced a constant ache in my hips together with sharp, stabbing pains which could stop me in my tracks and, occasionally, I got stuck in a chair when my hips completely refused to work. I was disappointed in my GP’s advice which amounted to increasing my intake of anti inflammatory pain killers until things became unbearable at which point I could be considered for hip replacement surgery. I admit to feeling a little skeptical at whether Homeopathy could help me but had reached the stage where I felt it worth a try. Melissa was warm and welcoming and immediately put me at ease. She prescribed three remedies which I was to take over the course of a month. The results for me have been life changing. One month later and my aches have almost completely gone. I’ve not experienced the stabbing pain for several weeks now and my flexibility has greatly improved. Also I now feel happy and positive about life whereas previously I felt I was on a downward slippery slope towards immobility. It’s hard for me to express how delighted I am with this result”.  L.Munro, Epsom

“We have seen a remarkable, sustained improvement in our daughter’s well-being since seeing Melissa. Her sparkle is back and hopefully here to stay. I am more grateful than I can adequately express in words”.
C. Rayfield, Twickenham

“We approached Melissa for help with our 8-year old son who needed help with his anxiety. It was having a huge impact on his school life, his behaviour had deteriorated, he felt angry and frustrated, unable to sleep and could not cope with after-school activities. We were not sure if homeopathy would help but thought we would give it a try. Gradually our son’s behaviour started to improve, he worried less, he found it easier to sleep and most importantly his self-esteem grew. We cannot thank Melissa enough for all the help we have received and have recommended her to our family and friends”.
Mr & Mrs B, Surrey

“Melissa has successfully treated my back pain, dry skin and hay fever with homeopathy. I had never tried homeopathy before and I thought I would give it a go to see if it would help. It’s the first time in 20 years that I haven’t suffered with hay fever and my dry skin and back pain disappeared in 3 days! I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone – she is a kind and caring person and has really rebalanced my well-being.”
C. Greenstreet, Teddington

“Having tried all the various creams prescribed by the dermatologist for over 12 months to tackle my daughter’s acute molluscum, and without any positive outcome, I decided it was time to try the homeopathic route and so with very low expectations we went along to meet Melissa and within the first month of using her prescriptions it was clear for everyone to see the huge improvement in my daughter’s skin. I am so happy to have met Melissa and now my whole family hugely benefits from her expertise in homeopathy.”
G. Ali, Teddington

“Being introduced to homeopathic remedies by Melissa has helped me and my family no end. My youngest son has not suffered from eczema since being treated by Melissa over a year ago and everyday colds and coughs are sympathetically eased”.
J. Grieve, Teddington

“Melissa has been such a great support throughout my pregnancy and post natally, all the remedies she has prescribed have always been very effective. Whenever I had any type of ailment emotionally or physically I would call Melissa and she would quickly deliver a remedy through my door which always meant 24 hours later I would be right as rain. I love my monthly calls with Melissa and always feel better after I put down the phone, sadly now she is too good and I don’t really need the support at the moment as I have recovered amazingly and have a very happy and chilled baby. Melissa will continue to be first person I call whenever I need anything she is fantastic and I dont know what I did before I met her.”
J. Robinson, Teddington

“I had never considered homeopathy as a remedy for anxiety and emotional support before. But since Melissa has been treating my children the difference is overwhelming. My eldest now goes to bed on her own, and all my children sleep through the night without waking up and climbing into my bed. That in itself is a breakthrough! Melissa is always able to gauge the right level of support that my children need at different times throughout the year and, as a parent, that is very reassuring. I highly recommend a consultation with her.”
K. Masterson, Teddington

“I am very grateful for the homeopathic treatment that my son has been receiving at Teddington Homeopathy. Until we started homeopathy, my son had lots of tantrums, was waking up at nights, had suffered from compulsive-obsessive behaviours. He did not talk at all until the age of three. After several months of homeopathic treatment he stopped his tantrums, started sleeping through the nights, and never had these problems again. The most remarkable result was his progress with speech; he is now saying single words, constructing phrases, and learning to speak in sentences. He has changed a lot, is open to communication, and in some areas of child development acts age appropriately. I am very hopeful for a continuation of the progress that he is showing now. I would like to thank Melissa for her very careful, gentle attitude and positive approach”.
A. Validova, London

“At the age of 3 years old, our son’s development had halted and he was operating developmentally at 12-18m. He had barely any speech and was hand-flapping, stimming and had little interest in the world around him. After a few weeks of working with Melissa we started to notice that his concentration levels improved and a few more words began to appear. As the months passed his use of single words continued to improve as did his overall awareness. The stimming at home reduced and his use of communication improved aptly using a pecs folder to express his wishes. His pace of learning at pre-school was fantastic with the appropriate support in place.

We continue to work with Melissa on a monthly basis. We find her incredibly supportive and thoughtful to our son’s needs. She adapts her approach to his changing needs and is extremely approachable when we need added support or advice. Our son continues to develop each day. He barely uses his pecs folder as he is able to verbally communicate his wishes and needs. He interacts so much better with his sister and other children and spend less time ‘in his own world’.

Our son still has issues that need working through, but Melissa considers these well and is gently approaching these. We have complete faith that with Melissa’s continued support that our son will reach his full potential. We just can’t thank Melissa enough for all her help and support over the last 18 months.
Simone & Family, Luton

“My 3 year old daughter developed molloscum, with a nasty patch of aggressive spots to the side of her groin, aggravated by using her beloved bike. The spots kept getting really inflamed, to the point of infection and causing her real discomfort and distress. My GP said there was no cure, it could spread and that it could take 12-18 months to take its course. After a single consultation with Melissa, we started a simple course of pills and astoundingly within just one month the spots had dissipated and as good as completely cleared up! The change was miraculous and it is just wonderful to have my daughter back to her carefree and comfortable self and quicker than I could ever have imagined or hoped.”
B. Deakin, Teddington

“When my son was a year old he developed sore, red patches of eczema behind his knees. I used to wince when I looked at them – I felt terrible as I really didn’t want to use steroid creams, but I hated to see his skin looking so distressed. Melissa prescribed a remedy for him and within 6 months it had totally cleared up. He is now 4 years old and it has never come back again. We were both thrilled!”
S. Whalley, Teddington

“Melissa prescribed me a remedy to ease anxiety and aid sleep before my second labour and it really helped to calm down my jitters in the last fortnight of pregnancy. I have continued to use her expertise and remedies – she has recently helped me through menstrual problems.”
K. Leavey, Teddington

I’m writing to convey the dramatic, positive impact Melissa Wakeling’s care has had on my entire family. I turned to Homeopathy out of desperation after moving to the UK last summer. Several family members had long-standing health problems that were unable to be effectively managed by a GP. With low expectations, I contacted Melissa last August and the results have been unbelievable.

My youngest daughter’s throat, chin and chest were covered with molluscum that was deemed untreatable, as removing the bumps would cause significant scarring. Within four weeks of a gentle, homeopathic treatment prescribed by Melissa, my daughter’s skin was completely clear without a single spot remaining. Additionally, during my daughter’s difficult adjustment to life in a new country, Melissa’s prescriptions gave her confidence and a happy demeanor after many weeks of emotional distress. My child finally sleeps all night in her own bed, something she hadn’t done once since we adopted her from South Korea three years prior.

My eldest daughter, whose health was very poor, needed the most desperate help from Melissa. After years of excessive antibiotic and steroidal treatments in the United States for allergies, asthma and eczema, my daughter’s body did not have the ability to heal itself or fend off any illness. All viruses resulted in terrifying breathing distress, fevers, weight loss, and often, vomiting. With Melissa’s kind and constant care, we have gone through a period of drastic improvement. The process took time and has been gradual, but now my child can breathe on her own, can fight off a common cold with no problems at all, and has not needed an antibiotic or steroidal treatment for nearly a year. Words cannot express my gratitude as Melissa’s treatment has been absolutely life-changing. Her treatment and prognosis was correct every step of the way and for the first time in seven years, I have a vibrant, healthy, happy child cured after a lifetime of suffering with allergies, asthma and eczema.

My husband struggles with anxiety and Melissa’s support has helped him manage stress during a challenging professional and personal time in his life. Her remedy for his gout has worked wonders. A condition exacerbated by stress that was managed in the States with painful, slow-acting injections and pills, is now easily dissipated within a matter of hours using Melissa’s prescribed remedy. And free of all the horrible side-effects!

Not one member of my family of five has needed an antibiotic since starting treatment with Melissa over one year ago. We have managed any and all illnesses with quick, complete recovery. Any problems or questions we’ve had along the way have been promptly tended to by Melissa in her thoughtful, caring way. I cannot speak highly enough of the help she is able to provide.
K.Pinto, USA

“Melissa is great with my young son – she is incredibly thorough at getting to the root of any issues, whether it be an asthmatic response to a food or other allergy, low energy, or prescribing a quick and gentle remedy for chicken pox. She is wonderful with children, I love her calm and comforting approach.
V. Hume, Teddington

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