Purple-and-Pink-logoThetaHealing® is a rapidly growing personal development and energy-healing modality. There is a growing awareness of the importance of our mind and thoughts in relation to well-being and life experiences. Dr Bruce Lipton’s book ‘The Biology of Belief’ is an excellent introduction to this concept: Our subconscious beliefs create our life experiences. The ThetaHealing® Practitioner helps the client to identify and change unconscious limiting beliefs. It is helpful in areas including emotional problems, relationship difficulties, gaining confidence or improving work/career situations. ThetaHealing® aims to empower the individual for positive change. The duration of a ThetaHealing® session is usually one hour and can be done by Skype or in person. Melissa is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner.

“I had two theta healing sessions with Melissa after having gone through several weeks of intense stress and feeling gloomy. I would personally rate Melissa’s theta sessions as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of therapies! They work so fast and I immediately felt like myself again. I highly recommend her as a therapist as she is very in tune, empathic and caring”.
M. Grace, Teddington  

“Thank you Melissa for introducing me to ThetaHealing. I found our sessions together very nourishing, gentle and relaxing, and yet at the same time very powerful and deep. Each time I have visited Melissa for ThetaHealing I’ve gained so much clarity to the different issues I wanted to focus on. It was amazing to explore my life, mind and emotions and receive new information and reassurance to my own thoughts. Melissa helped me let go of the unwanted and unneeded and clear new spaces. Melissa’s energy is very tuned to ThetaHealing vibes. Like Theta she is so gentle and kind and yet super powerful and strong. She gives great support and empathy. I look forward to continue exploring, cleansing, connecting and growing through Theta with you Melissa – thank you!”
A. Malka, Hampton Wick

My father passed away six years ago and I had been struggling to deal with the pain. I was very apprehensive about speaking to someone about it but Melissa reassured me and made me feel very safe and comfortable. It was such a peaceful, calming experience and I can now talk about my father with a smile on my face instead of tears of loss. Thank you so much Melissa”.
H.Wecki, Twickenham

When I first had ThetaHealing I didn’t know what to expect. I was a little anxious and wary but Melissa put me at ease and I very easily relaxed into the session. It involved answering questions and some muscle-testing. After the session I felt very comforted and very light and calm. In fact I was feeling very happy and actually felt I had left something behind on my way home. I realised a lot of my anxieties had practically melted away – I will certainly return to Melissa for ThetaHealing as it was gentle, non-judgemental and non-invasive”.
Ms T. Ferris, Twickenham

I recently miscarried and couldn’t shake the sadness of my loss. Melissa has helped me in the past with Theta so I felt confident that was what I needed. I have had another Theta session and am now feeling positive to try again. Melissa you are a God-send”.
H. Gill, Teddington

Theta has been and continues to be a really powerful influence and healer for me. I have had some highly stressful times at work over the past few months and felt like everything was against me.  Theta changed my negative beliefs to positive ones and through that I truly believe that I influenced outcomes on situations in my life.  The business had a dispute which even legal counsel did not think we had a high chance of winning (10%!) due to a technicality which was not our doing.  I worked on this with Melissa as it was a constant source of stress in my life.  The result went in our favour and I truly believe that the work with Melissa enabled this.  I continue to work with Melissa on other things going on in my work and personal life and feel positive about creating a life and an environment for myself that I deserve through.  I always feel calmer, more balanced and more confident after our sessions”.
Ms S. Sadler, Yorkshire                    

ThetaHealing® Qualifications

Nov 2015 ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, 3-day course, Burgess Hill, UK
Sept 2016 ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA, 3-day course, Burgess Hill, UK
April 2017 ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioner course, 2-day course, Brighton, UK
June 2017 ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance, 2-day course, London
July 2017 ThetaHealing® Soul Mate, 2-day course, London
Oct 2017 ThetaHealing® Game of Life, 3-day course, London
Jan 2018 ThetaHealing® Rhythm to a Perfect Weight, 2-day course, London

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ThetaHealing® session charge – £85 per hour